Riding COACH with Grape Soda and homemade doughnuts? GET OUT!!!!

My friend Angela shares some of the same ideas that i do, like making and eating food that is totally Jem (see earlier posts for obvious 80's definition) and ridiculously tasty.  She called yesterday and said that she had made some grape soda (she has a machine that can add carbonation to things, I'm super jealous) and doughnuts (made from brioche dough) and was wondering if she could drop them by. C'mon now, am I going to refuse tasty homemade food?  That's a big big no.  The grape soda was actually kosher concord grape juice with bubblies.  I should have taken a picture.  It wasn't really around long enough for that to happen.  I barely snagged one of the doughnuts.  Let me just say that they were the best doughnuts I have ever had, and one of the best sweet treats I have every tasted.  If you know where i work and who my posse is, that's saying quite a bit.  So, props to angela for the tasties.
Other newsworthy news:  Totally scored two Peugeot salt and pepper mills at the TEEJ yesterday!  Retail would have been around 50 bucks.  We paid 14.  If that wasn't enough, we were looking in the men's outerwear section when I saw some leather gloves that looked more than nice.  I reached out to feel them and my tactile senses were sent into overload.  Soft, supple grandeur that felt ridiculously smooth.  I felt the insides and realized they were lined with cashmere.  It gets better.  I couldn't find a tag anywhere.  I was wondering who possibly made these delicious digit warmers when I saw, far in the lining, a COACH tag!  When did the TEEJ start carrying coach?  At half price???  Let's get em.  Wife bought them for me. the end.

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