Pork Belly Rub

So, if you haven't figured it out by now, I loves the meats.  Most all of them.  However, in this post, we pay homage to the meat of all trades, pork.  I love pork.  I can't think of a more useful, adaptable meat.  Sausages, cured hams, chops, shoulders, loins, bacons, and not to mention pork fat  (hmmmmm... gurgle... gurgle).  is it getting hot in here?  Just me???  Anyway, we had a work party on saturday night that just so happened to be potluck.  I made andouille and kale soup (my favsies), and I also smoked this pork belly.  If you are a lover of the pork fats (which I am, big time) you will absolutely love this piece of meat.  I recommend serving/preparing it like it is pictured above (thinly sliced).  I also made a gastrique for this and coated the fat side several times while it was finishing cooking.  When eaten on a baguette, the results are crazy delicious.  I finished cooking it in my oven (it was very cold out and I only got about four hours out of my smoker
) and made a makeshift roasting rack out of some potatoes.  Worked pretty well, the juices and fat drip down into the potatoes giving you ethereal buttery goodness.  I cubed those up and served those along with the pork.  By that I mean that part of one of them actually made it onto the dish (hey, I was hungry.)  
The work party was a great time.  There was so much good food and everyone was eating and having drinks and just getting to hang out without worrying about bakery things.  I had a great time.  Unfortunately, the camera was left at home, so you only get to see what I brought.  Oh well, just know that good food was in abundance.  Peaces  

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