I come from the marshland of mallowton

Marshmallows...Kid's stuff, right.  NO, that's a big fat negative, my friend!  I love marshmallows.  IF they are homemade. By me...only because I don't know anyone else who makes them.  Shame, really.  They are super duper easy to make.  You just need the proper tools and you're golden.  Needs:  hand or elec. Mixer, saucepot.  Here's your do:  3 packs of gelatin (plain, unflavored Knox type) poured into the mixing bowl along with 1/2 C cold water.  Let that hang out and in your saucepan bring 2c sugar, 2/3 c corn syrup, and 1/4 c water to a boil and boil for 1 minute.  After the minute is up, slowly pour the hot syrup into the mixing bowl with the gelatin, toss in 1/4 t salt mixing (w/ whisk attachment on medium high speed.) for about 12 minutes. (once you start getting fluffified, add 1 T vanilla).  pour into a pan lined with oiled plastic wrap, and also cover with oiled plastic wrap.  Let hang out for about an hour or so.  turn out onto counter and dredge in powdered sugar.  Now you're ready to cut them up!  Make whatever shapes you would like.  I usually just go for squared.  You could, however, use cookie cutters in the shape of abraham lincoln's head if you would so desire.  dredge the indiviual pieces in the powdered sugar also.  Great in hot chocolate, or coffee, but best in your mouth.

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