Hope you are hungry...I made a Lat kes

More pics from work, along with killer breakfast feasties.  Breakfast first.  When we were in portland, there was a sweet jewish deli we ate at.  They served latkes and all sorts of other stuff (see older posts).  I wanted to recreate them so I set out to do so.  I made my own "applesauce" by grating some granny smiths and sauteing them in butter with cinnamon and dark brown sugar.  Medium low heat until everything gets a little browned.  Delicious.  try it out.  next, the latkes.  2 Shredded potatoes (squeezed and drained), 1/4 minced onion, 3 eggs, 2 tbs flour, salt and peps.  Mix it up, fry it in veg oil.  Top with applesauce and sour cream.  Eat your heart out, and then let your doctor or neighborhood surgeon put a new one in.  Caution: this breakfast may cause addiction.  Extreme goodness can leave subjects craving these day and night.  Best follow up with salads for a week.
Work pics:  Blue cheese loaf (pretty much a unanimous favsies around town, also addictive, same caution as latkes) and plain and chocolate croissants.  mmmmmm.  we are the only ones (for miles, and I mean hundreds) who do this right.  If you haven't had one, better stop in and freak your mind!

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