...and Dewey holds a special place in my heart.

made some get well soup (viking stew) last week to get me out of my exhaustion funk.  Never lets me down.  I think this gets better every time I make it.  This time I used beet tops as the green.  Wife swears that this version is the best.  I think that there are three variations that have become my favsies.  Beet tops, Kale, and Dandelion Greens.  Ideally, it would be kale in the winter, dandelions in spring, and the beet tops in summer/fall.  I think that a lot of people do not realize that they are actually edible.  They're quite good, really, and not just in soup.  I actually like them sauteed with shallots and simply seasoned.  Try them out.  they'll rock your face off.  The roots are good too.  Try those matchsticked and tossed in a salad with some feta and raspberry vinaigrette.  I am so excited to be going somewhere new in a couple of days.  We have sort of a loose schedule, a lot of food stops, naturally.  It's going to be pretty sweet.  I just hope that we can enjoy it and slow down after all of the overtime we have been putting in.  
ps.  I got a new Camera (nikon dslr...super sweet.)  expect righteous pics very soon!

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