Made some adobo steak tacos last night.  Let me just say that this is a dish that, while unbelievably delicious, is very dangerous if cooked indoors.  The recipe I had called for grilling the steak, but I just didn't want to go to the trouble of getting the coals ready and all that so I thought that I would just give it a good sear and that would be that.  However, I failed to realize that when dried peppers are reconstituted in oil that they might give off some deadly fumes when introduced to high heat.  Basically, I pepper-gassed wife and I and buddy.  From the second the meat heat the pan, all my breath was taken away.  Amy got it worse than I did because she was already battling tonsillitis and had to use her asthma inhaler.  Eventually, things cleared out and all was well.  We did have to eat outside on the back step, but it did not stymie the deliciousness of our meal.  
So, to the food...I marinated the beef (I used "flat iron" steak, which was incredibly tender once removed of tendons and silver skin) in a spice paste of olive oil, garlic, paprika, cumin, oregano, lime zest, chili flakes, and salt and pepper--also known as adobo paste.  It gave an incredible flavor to the steak.  It was spicy, smoky goodness with the clean tartness of the lime zest. 
Wifeshow and I made some tortillas (flour) to go with our tacos, and I cannot say enough about the difference between these and what you get at the store.  such a better taste and texture.  They don't take a lot of time, and they are worth the extra effort.  try it, you won't regret.
As far as toppings for the tacos, I wanted to have a nice textural experience so I julienned  some red and green cabbage, diced some tomato, and cut some scallions and cilantro.  a couple squeezes of lime juice later, and you have yourself a taco better than you can get anywhere.  Personally guarantee that...and I have had a lot of tacos.  peace

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Tell me how to make flour tortillas! -Rin