Tonight tonight tonight, hot BEEF tonight!

I do this whenever I have leftover beef on hand.  In this case, it was brisket.  Chop the beef really fine, and add it to an appropriately sized pot.  Next, add salt and pepper, some beef stock/broth(about 3/4 of the way up.).  You can also add some full bodied wine or some ale.  Let it reduce until thickened.  If you don't have a lot of time to wait until thickened, you can always add a roux (equal parts melted butter and flour, cooked anywhere from golden to dark) or slurry (cornstarch whisked into beef stock, then whisked into the broth).  Let this simmer away and then make final seasoning adjustments.  You can also add mushrooms, I did.  I like to serve this on top of mashed potatoes, on top of crusty bread (such as pain de campagne).  It also goes well with a side of braised spinach.

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