To me, Chicken is Freedom...

That was actually part of a conversation Martha and I had at work the other day.  So, in other news, Nance was up visiting the other day.  She and wife went to the quilt museum and had some fabulous times.  She brought me about a pint of grape tomatoes.  I halved those and tossed with some fruity olive oil, grey salt, cracked pepper, and rosemary.  Whacked them under the broiler and set off making a basic risotto.  When I was about 3/4 done, I tossed in most of the roasted tomatoes and seared some chicken breasts (in a separate pan) and gave them a splash of stock/vermouth and they headed to the broiler party, previously occupied by said grape tomatoes.  After chicken was done I made a quick pan sauce with a little more stock, remaining tomatoes, and a splash (not a sploosh) of heavy cream.  Plated it up, and looked like a grand champion. It's a pretty easy, but highly impressive meal.  try it out.  
Nance also brought up a shrimp dish that her partner in crime/husband concocted.  I must say it was tasty to the limit.  A bit spicy, but I like the spicy treats.  

Some major ideas, (really really groundbreaking, actually), are headed my way via the bakery and also in my home, so I will try and post those that don't need to be filed under top secret.  Finalizing the book plans.  I just have to get to actually typing out recipes/methods.  That should be quite interesting.  In fact, I was thinking about it the other day and I have never really liked following a guide/recipe/anything of that sort.  In school, I didn't take notes (and did quite well thank you very much), I don't set a timer  (most of the time) for my breads at work (usually this is ok:), and generally just do not like doing that kind of thing.  However, I will fully admit in certain tasks (putting computer desks together, anything to do with anything electronic, and pretty much anything outside the realm of food) I am completely and utterly helpless.  In fact, that was one of my goals for this year was to become less reliant on others to put stuff together for me.  If you have any doubts about my newfound skills, come over and check out my picnic table, it'll rock your face off.

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marfyc said...

Chicken does equal freedom! And that looks like a tasty one! I liked the video with the 'invention' as well. Nice soundtrack!