I'm going to make a million...maybe not dollars, but a million nonetheless

Well, I picked the first decent tomato of the year and it was fantastic!  I don't know how they get away with being so ridiculously sweet.  This is the first year I have grown brandywines and I really should have done more than one plant.  Hopefully they will just produce a ton so I have an ample supply.  Made some steaks last night on the grill.  They were pretty magical.  Had some leftover veg so they got to go an extra round with a new meat contender.  Sorry, I just finished reading the power of one, must have boxing on my brain.  I am smoking a ton of ribs today, as it is monday.  I bought some st. louis style pork ribs, country style, and also some beef short ribs.  I think maybe I got a little carried away.  Perhaps I'll have to invite some friends over.   I will post the smoky pics tomorrow.  sorry for the blog barrage, I'll try to be more frequent now, it was just a hilatiously busy week, new accounts at the bakery plus the market made for an insane week.  I am starting to see a light at then end of the market tunnel, so hopefully we can get some r&d stuff done at the bakery.  I also have some really big ideas that will rock the food world's face off, but cannot post them yet as they are in prototype stage and I don't want anyone stealing my stuff.

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