Hey! Jambo Jambo

Made some Jambalaya last night.  I'm not really sure how, but somehow the name evolved into "jumbles."  I think my friend lance may have come up with that one.  I'm usually pretty generous with methods/recipes, but this one I am keeping to myself.  It is probably one of my best (when I was a chef, I had a man from new orleans tell me it was the best jambalaya he'd ever had.  although, he could have been full of beans.) and favorite things and I don't feel bad being selfish with this one.  Maybe for the book, but not at the moment.
Already running into an extremely busy workweek, so I am sure this may be my last post until the week ends.    As far as my prototype goes, I have made three variations and have tried 2/3, both working successfully.  Getting a lot of use out of my new pan, in fact, I used it on this dish.  I have some big plans for the weekend, foodwise.  I have been thinking about using the smoker for snacks.  I was going to try and do some smoked salmon, beef jerky, and also some smoked almonds.  I have never made any of these things before but that is half the fun of it.  I will probably also do some sharpening (hope to get video of this)  and other prep.  
 Well, I am off to bed.  dead tired and needing to get some rest.  peace.

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