sausage party

last week I decided to make some sausages.  It is something that I enjoy, but it always seems like once I am done that I should have made more.  I started with about 13 pounds of pork butt and it was a pretty decent yield.  I decided to make linguica (a spicy portugese sausage), brats, and breakfast links.  I smoked all of the linked sausages and it just further confirmed my love for my little brinkman charcoal smoker.  For about the same price as making one for your self, you can pick one up (that is of course, if you, like myself, value instant gratification over self-satisfaction) jam some meat in there and be eating tasty treats in no time.  booyah!

Pickle production just rounded the corner into week number 3 (for those of you who don't know, aka, the entire universe, I am making old fashioned barrel pickles).  Upon suggesstion from my boss, john, I have tried a pickle every week since I started.  Week number one was suprisingly great.  nice and garlicky.  Week number two was a pretty big let-down.  I don't know if there is some sort of chemical transformation that takes place here or what?  I tried one yesterday and was altogether pretty pleased.  they seemed to have better flavor than week 2.  I did throw some more dill in the "barrel," so that probably helped out a bit.  

Also, yesterday as I was pulling the pain de campagne out of the oven at work, I caught sight of one that just may be one of the best breads I have baked.  After my shift I went out front to take some bread and it was still there so I snagged it.   thought some fellow bread lovers might enjoy:


Erin said...

Steve! AWESOME blogness. Dig it. Sarah says you need a rad Dishman logo now. Get yer wife to whip somethin up.

Ma Nancy said...

Awesome looking sausages, Steve-o. Good luch with the lemonade experiments. We'll keep checking out the blog for the "latest dish" from the Dishmans.