I heart cupcakes

Amy started making these cupcakes about a month and a half ago.  They're so JEM (simply outrageous, duh!).  they are made with buttermilk, and a lot of eggs.  I usually don't get all that excited for cake but these rock my socks off.  The eggs are separated, the whites being beaten and folded in at the last minute.  I think this is what really makes them so nice and light and fluffified. The frosting is something that I threw together.  I started out making a buttercream (butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar) and where I usually add the heavy cream, I substituted dark chocolate that had been melted into heavy cream in a double boiler.  It turned out pretty well, I will probably do it again, if I can remember how, I should really write that down, along with tons of others.

Also, I made some flank steak with olive oil mash and sweet corn for dinner.  I marinated the flank steak in bourbon, balsamic vinegar, and soy.  All in all, pretty decent, would have liked the corn to be sweeter, but we won't get the good stuff until the middle of august.  

Making some shortbread as we speak, man I love shortbread.  Need to run to the hardware store to see if I can get something for bugs to stay away from my tomatoes.  I picked about 6 today that had been eaten by the little buggers (no pun intended).   Also need some charcoal, thinking about picking up some of the "hardwood" kind because it supposedly burns hotter but will still have to pick up lump for other applications.  peace

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