a good mayonnaise hard to find...

It seems lately that there has been a shift in american consumerism.  Words like Artisan and Organic are becoming more and more commonplace on grocery shelves and this is a good thing.  We go out of our way to buy free range eggs and hormone free milk, but people, we are overlooking one crucial thing.  Condiments.  that's right, all the fixins, and more specifically, mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise, you ask? yes, I'll say it again, Mayonnaise!  Where has the artisan mayonnaise gone? Does it even exist? Is it thinking of me? and, will it ever return someday?  Ok, you get the point. there aren't a lot of options out there for good mayo.  So what's a peep to do when they don't want to buy a jar of the ubiquitous, white fluff? I'm glad you asked...
Homemade mayonnaise:
1 egg yolk (free range, please.  seriously, quit buying factory farmed meat and eggs, it's bad stuff.)
healthy pinch of sea salt
tsp dijon mustard
lemon juice squeeze
1/2 cup olive oil
ok, if you have a blender, this will be a lot easier, but you can do this with just a big bowl and a whisk, if not.  place the egg yolk in the blender along with the salt and mustard and lemon juice and give it a quick whizz, until incorporated. now, slowly ad the oil a couple drops at a time, until it starts to thicken.  now, increase the oil to a very small stream and mix until an emulsion is created (about a minute or two).  if your mayo breaks and the oil is resting on top, you went too fast, try it again.  it should look like the thick stuff in the pic above.  transfer to a small dish and add a couple grinds of black pepper if you like.  this recipe is totally up for interpretation too, so if you would like to add more salt/lemonjuice/whatever, do it.  you could even add some other tasties like pesto or chipotle peppers, or roasted garlic.  the point of the whole thing is that this stuff is wicked easy to make, takes less than 5 minutes, and it's all stuff that you should have lying around anyway.  Store-bought mayo is full of canola or vegetable (highly refined pirates) oil which is not very good for you, by making it with a good fat (olive oil), you increase the health value of this popular condiment.  give it a try, you'll be the most popular kid on the block.
DISH recommends: reading this article.  we've been lied to, people. it will change the way you feel about fat. and maybe mayonnaise.

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