Foodie Food Chain...or...I went to the applejack festival and all I brought back were, well, apples...

Nothing excites me more than being around a bunch of people that are totally into food. Whether I am at work, at a festival, or out to eat with a bunch of close friendlies, I am right there in my element, soaking up every bit of it. Having a passion for food is contagious. Just look at the picture of me in the apple tree (I was trying to help people get the best picks), case in point.
I have come up with a few categories here to help you figure out where you are in the foodie food chain, so without further introduction (and in no particular order):
Vegan/Vegetarian: The original foodies. These peeps go way out of their way to find the food that they need/want, often times preparing it for themselves. A huge part of the world is vegetarian (a lot based on religion) so this is not a new thing. Veggies are feisty little buggers in the kitchen and some of the most resourceful cooks out there. Vegans take it one step further. I once tried my hand at the veggie way of life, until I got hungry for sausages, but I still eat tons of veggies/fruits. The tastiest Indian food I've had is from my vegetarian friends. Summary: one of the most respectable foodies out there. If you aren't one, buddy up to one, stat. You'll learn new tricks and tips crazy quick. Pairs well with: Food Missionary, Snooty Foodie. Avoid: Fast Foodie, (sometimes)Foodzilla.
The Fast Foodie: This foodie is the subject of much controversy. There's no arguing that they love food, but it must be attainable through a plexiglass window and have sizing upgrades to regular, huge, and you can't be serious. The good news is, most of the fatties, I mean fasties are easily converted into a different category. the love is already there, they just need some help moving onto the next step. Pairs well with: Food Missionary, Foodzilla
Avoid: Snooty Foodie, Vegan/Vegetarian
Foodzilla!: The All-encompassing foodie. A literal walking, talking, vacuum of food consumption. there is no place too big or small for these guys. give them a bag of white castle sliders for lunch and butter poached lobster at the french laundry for dinner and these foodies would be on cloud nine. Being a foodzilla should not be considered a bad thing. It's the more adventurous of us that find ourselves at home in this category. pairs well with: Food missionary, Fast foodie.
avoid: snooty foodie. (sometimes) Vegan/Vegetarian
The Food Missionary: A foodie with a desire to get every one else they know into food. They love to teach others how to cook things and love learning how every one else does things in the kitch. they have no problem going out of their way for a food find. While not the most practical people, knowing a food missionary can be a very beneficial friendship. Also, be forewarned that these foodies can get a little annoying at times, there eagerness to help can often be shrouded as thinking they know everything. Pairs well with: Foodzilla, (sometimes) Snooty Foodie, (sometimes) fast foodie (usually to convert), (usually with) vegan/vegetarian.
Snooty Foodie: everyone knows at least one. These people claim to have the best palettes and be the authority on everything, and a very select few, actually are. The difference between these guys and the other categories is that they think no one else can know more than they do. A snooty foodie wouldn't be caught dead eating something from the state fair or pretty much anything a fast foodie would eat. These people are seldom great cooks, because they can't replicate the wonderful meals that they have had and to them, food is a luxury. Now, Snooties shouldn't get a totally bad rap, because a lot of them know what they are talking about. they've eaten at places that would blow your mind, and relish in the fact that you probably won't:) Pairs well with (other snooties), avoid: everyone else. (we all think you are a bit full of yourself:)
So, let me know where you stand in the pecking order, totally interested (even if you are a snooty( I could use some suggestions on where to go to eat around here:)).
ok, now that that's over with,
made some pork chili on thursday, along with rice and beans. the other dish is a vegetable au gratin, made with veggies from mom and dad dish. The super sweet (almost type 2 diabetes sweet) photo is of wifeshow and I having a caramel apple smackdown. We paid an out of work, one-armed, farm-hand to snap a quick photo (man, that guy could focus). he did a pretty good job. Did a bunch of bungalhaus stuff over the weekend, including a ceiling fan install, thanks to my pal, Green.
Here's a quick one for you:
Vegetable au gratin (simpler than simple)
1 head cauliflower, sliced into big sections
3 med potatoes, large dice
3 medium carrots, large dice
1 onion. minced
3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 c bread crumbs
1/2 c parmesan, grated
salt and peps
olive oil
slice cauliflower into big sections, drizz olive oil and salt and peps and roast in oven at 400f until golden brown (around 30 min). While cauliflower is roasting, put potatoes and carrots and garlic in big pot of boiling, salted water and boil until barely just tender, 5-7 minutes. While the veg is on the boil, caramelize your onions in some olive oil and add a little salt and peps. maybe a knob of butter, if you like. this dish is already super cheesy and creamy, so you might as well:)
then, drain your veg, toss into the pan with the cauliflower, add your onions,another healthy drizz of olive oil and roast an addtional 10-15 minutes, or until they get some color. then, add your cream and cheese and bake until golden brown and bubblified. garnish with some parsley and enjoy with good bread and pals.
DISH recommends: Making a food trip. You'll be surprised how much fun you have going out of your way to get really fresh delicious tasties (not the terrible north 48th sandwich, those are definitely not fresh!). yeah, it's not very practical, but it's a good time. and you always learn something new, whether it be about yourself, or the food you are getting. pieces.
ps: I'm somewhere in between foodzilla and food missionary:), where are you? (there is no wrong answer, or make up your own category!)


Anonymous said...

I thought at first you guys were sucking face in that picture, and I thought, Oh jeez... :)
I had one of those caramel apples myself. Delish! Caleb also had one, but it took him over an hour to finish it, and he needed a new shirt afterwards. (I think he even ate half the core.)
BTW, I think I'm the same: foodzilla/food missionary. Anyone who writes about food has to be part food missionary.
Ooh... but I think there's another subversive category coming into play. The food pornographer. Tons of food blogs out there have awesome photos, but you have to think to yourself, does this even taste good?


Erin said...

Yeah, that photo of you and Mames is stupid cute. I agree that there is also a food pornographer category. I definitely have at least one toe in that one... when I make something that I find beautiful, I stare at it like it's a Pollock painting, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at what I've done. And then I take pictures. And I don't have a food blog. So... it's kind of gross.
So I think my foodie profile is 60% vegetarian/vegan, 20% food missionary, and 20% food pornographer.

(...Now I'm dreaming of the beautiful desserts I've made.... mmmmm.)

Chris said...

Eeewwwwww!!! Public display of affection violation.

Iske Business said...

What about those of us who can't cook to save our lives, so rely on our food missionaries to sustain us???

I think that makes me a "food missionary moocher."I am just begging to be saved from my "fast foodie" & saltine cracker diet.

Anywho... Great bloggage!

the DISH said...

Iske biz,
I too, have fallen into the saltine cracker trap. They are just so darn addictive. I think it's a texture thing. I love crunchy stuff...hard! Nice new category!