goodbye tiny've served me well...

I'm sneaking this post in while wifeshow gets ready. We are minutes away from closing on the house and I'm pretty excited. thought that I would post the last really tasty thing I remember eating, you know before the barrage of sandwiches and going out for meals (can't stand to be without a full functioning kitchen). This is pork belly that was braised in a rosemary caramel sauce. You start out by making a caramel with sugar, water, and rosemary. take it until it gets nice and golden and then combine that with soy sauce, fish sauce, vermouth, ginger, scallions, diced sweet potato, black pepper, and diced pineapple. If anyone wants the recipe, I'd be happy to share, just can't right now as I am moving and pressed for time. Also, will be disconnected from the web for a few days, so this is my post for the week. Stay tuned, there will be many, many more posts to come from a new kitchen!
DISH recommends:
cracklin' oat bran. pretty good cereal. expensive...but pretty good. had some this morning. and probably will have it for lunch...hopefully not dinner too.

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Chris said...

Good luck and congratulations Dishmans. Hope the move is smooth and peaceful.