set your watches to FEAST!

hope everyone had an awesome july 4th weekend. Rest assured that the dish's did. We kicked off the weekend by devouring (at least I did, wife had her usual birdy amount:) a mixed grill. Grilled some sausages, potatoes, peppers, onions, corn, squash, broccoli, and beans. and some sourdough. Sounds like a lot huh? it was. I forgot to eat lunch on friday so I was starving by the time I woke up. Yeah that's right, I forgot to eat lunch. Someone who is as obsessed with all things food, forgot to eat. Sad thing is, I do it quite often. I get it from my pops. If my mom doesn't remind him he's hungry, he'd probably waste away:) I think it's a baker thing. We get pretty tired at the bakery. ok REALLY tired. Marth and JOHN and P-bear can testify to that. You would think that the four of us working crazy hours day in and day out would get used to it, but we don't. I know I never will, but I love my job, so I am willing to do it.
ok back to food, back to food. We partied with ISKE-squared on the fourth (actually the whole iske clan) at the new lake house, which let me just say is one of my new favorite places. Wife and I rode the jet-ski (first time, it was like a scoot on the water[fire in the sky, sorry...]) and had a lot of good food with pals. We ended up making some roasted red pepper hummus and a potato salad of sorts (using garden tates, yeah!) that had green beans, walnut vinaigrette, and black sesame seeds. I added tuna to it later, that's the sandwich in the photo. Last night we smoked some pork chops and tended to the garden. Also grilled some sweet potato "chips", which are a new favorite thing. just slice them thin and toss in olive oil, salt and peps, and then layer on a hot grill. they bubble and get crispy. I like to drizzle some olive oil over them at the end, but they would be great with aoli or pesto. If you use regular tates, add some fresh rosemary to the mix.
Oh yeah, headed to an indian feast tonight! Our pals Dipti and Anuj (hope I spelled those correctly) have family in town and wanted to have a feast to send them off in style. Apparently, Dipti's mom is quite the cook...SO...SUPER...STOKED. maybe I'll take photos. pieces.
DISH Recommends:
Thriftiness. I never thought I would re-use ziploc bags and foil, but here I am telling everyone else to also. Yeah, I've become that person. My mom is reading this and smiling. but seriously, there is no reason not to. I try to not think of things as immediately disposable, I'm sure you save a marginal amount of money, but you save a considerable amount of waste. just think about it...


Anonymous said...

Yup, and I've become my Aunt Jean, saving plastic baggies and reusing yogurt containers. But I just feel so BAD when I throw them away. Debauchery, excess, waste. That's the American way, right?


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

ok buddy, now its OUR turn to go to the lake house! :) jk
M's been telling me it's pretty awesome.

Hubs makes the best potato chips, the exact way you wrote, although ahve never tried it with sweet potatoes. Bagged chips just aren't as good. Try with ketchup!