Gus took my pillow, so I am using him

Just thought that I would let you guys know about some wicked sales going on right now. I usually shop the super saver on 48th street (48th and vine). Yesterday I picked up a massive bone-in ribeye for under six bucks (too lazy to walk downstairs and check the price per pound). Also, pork shoulder is on sale for .98 a pound!?! Are you Kidding me? go pick some up, hurry! And they had blueberries for super cheap too. just thought you guys should know. And they did have pickling cucumbers 8 for 2.00, but I bought them all. they are in a bucket of salty, garlicky brine in my basement.


Chris said...

Pickle Hog! Seriously though I bet you make good pickles.

mia said...

you'll find this fun!