I usually have egg on my face.

Eggs are pretty much the most perfect food in the world. You can do a million things with them, they are very compact, and when moderately consumed, they are insanely good for you. Wifeshow and I eat our fair share of them. The insanely face-melting breakfast sandwich pictured at left is made up of blanched asparagus, bechamel sauce, jarlsburg cheese, bacon, poached egg, and more bechamel (wife wanted me to note that you need to serve this dish on a big plate as it is insanely messy). Hey, back off! We walk to the store to get our own groceries on sunday, we can do the extra calories, that's my theory anyway. Which, by the way, we have been enjoying quite a bit. It's a couple of miles to get there, and we have a little two wheeled cart that we take to put our groceries in. I thought it would be worse than it is, but it is actually really nice. You get to have a visit with your favorite person, exercise, and you also get to look a little bit homeless, yay! sometimes you find change on the way there (although yesterday, all I found was a rusty penny and a used syringe, don't worry mom. didn't pick it up...this time--talking about the penny here).
the other dish is a cauliflower curry with perfumed basmati rice. Yeah, we eat a lot of curry. and eggs, maybe we should put them together....hmmmm.
perfumed basmati:
prepare basmati rice as you normally would, but throw these treats into the mix:
5 cloves, whole
1 cinnamon stick, broken up
healthy pinch of cumin seeds
2 cardamom pods, bruised
2-3 saffron threads (if you can get them).
after rice is done fluff it up, and then add a few glugs of olive oil (or ghee) and then stir it up. you won't be disappointed. watch out for the aromatics (cloves, cardamom, cin stick), you can easily pick them out, or eat them...if you're a little bit dangerous. (hold on tight)

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Chris said...

Penzey's in Omaha has decent saffron. Pricey as usual though. I have a strange craving for Indian food now....damn you! :)