Thought I would test out the video application on here.  I know, it has nothing to do with cooking, just gus being ridiculous.  So, I pretty much make the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the world, and that's a fact jack.  Amy's mom will be here tomorrow and is bringing me some grape tomatoes (I think as a challenge:) so we will make something tasty out of them.  I am just about to head into the kitchen to make dinner (chorizo with potatoes), but I wanted to test out the possibility of adding videos.  I didn't really have anything to post as we went out for pizza last night.  During dinner, we tried to finalize some of our plans for the book production.  I've also been thinking about adding some recipes from readers/friends.  If you have a really excellent recipe (or method:) that you feel is worthy (haha), send me a message or something.  I don't for a second think that I hold the monopoly on tasty treats, but I do own a lot of stock in the business!

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