Saute Pan's Labyrinth

I had been thinking lately that I needed a new saute pan or skillet or something of the sort.  I was looking at all-clad stuff, because they are supposedly the best, but I can't figure out if it is just hype or if they really are. I currently own all Cuisinart cookware and have been very happy, but was curious if spending the extra 60 dollars per pan would turn me into a food phenom.  so, yesterday, I went on a city-wide search to see what I could find.  I started with the discount stores (TJmaxx, Tuesday morning) which are usually hit or miss and this time they were definitely a miss.  So I thought I would go to the mall and check out the selection there.  First, I went to dillards because I remembered them having both Cuisinart and all-clad, only to find that they had ditched the Cuisinart brand.  The all-clad stuff is nice, there is no denying that, but 100 clams for one skillet???  I just can't do it.  That being said, I do own a Le creuset dutch oven I still feel a little guilty about (we won't even go into chef knives).  Well, to make a long story short, I ended up finding a Cuisinart "everyday pan," (at younkers) which kind of looks like a small stainless steel paella pan and was 40 bucks compared to 100.  It came with a domed lid (nice) and is good for a vast number of uses.  Also, the lid fits my other 12 inch skillet that was definitely a plus.  So, what am I trying to say here?  Well, I guess it would be that you have to figure out what is right for you.  Once you find a brand you like it almost becomes like an extension of yourself.  So did I make the right choice???  I still haven't decided.  What a wordy rant for that meager conclusion, eh?  
ok, onto the food.  I used my new pan to braise a pork rib roast yesterday.  I totally scored the rib roast at the store, already Frenched (cut so that the rib bones stick out) for around 7 bucks!  Gave it a quick seasoning with s&p, rosemary, and lemon zest and garlic and seared it on all sides.  Set it on a plate, then added onions, celery, carrots, turnips, potatoes, and whole garlic cloves and mushrooms to the pan.  Set the roast back on top poured in some stock and some crushed tomatoes from my garden, put the lid on and baked it at 350 for about 1.5 hours.  delicious.   Also, made some roasted red pepper hummus yesterday...and oatmeal choc chip cookies.  Wife's favsies.  I like to make sure she has things to take in her lunch.  I'm gonna be a great mom.
soooooo...sorry about the gigantic pan story here, but I was thinking that it might be a good idea to give my thoughts on cookware, cutlery, things of the sort, as far as why I use the things I do and why I think that you should too.  let me know with some feedback.  As long as we are on the subject of reviews, Never EVER purchase 7th generation recycled paper towels.  I was trying to do my part for the environment, but they totally suck, seriously.  It took like 5 to clean up a spill yesterday.  I will stick to the vivas (I know kimberly-clark is a horrible company, but you should see how long I can make one select-a-size last.)  Anyway, expect reviews/guidelines on knives, and things soon.  I'm out, I have a haircut today, and tons of other stuff to do. peace.

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